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Click Here to get Pat’s oil painting Instructional video, “Vibrant Flowers, Paint Your Garden”, produced and distributed worldwide by Streamline Publishing/PaintTubeTV.
It’s now available in either DVD or digital format.

Build your painting skills and be inspired to grow in your artistry!





Pat has been a beloved instructor for over 25 years, both in person and on-line in the U.S and worldwide. She has taught nearly 20 International workshops on location in Italy, (Tuscany, Lake Garda, Sicily), France (at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, Burgundy and Provence), The Virgin Islands, Spain, and New Zealand.

Now her thorough and clear instruction is available to you, wherever you may be.

The video contains all the contents of her live workshops. The focus is on how to create a painting with vibrant color using her  TCU method, but the course is truly comprehensive and covers all aspects of painting. The subject of this lesson is flowers in a garden setting, but the content of the instruction is applicable to many painting subjects.

Importantly, Pat shares what she is thinking and why every step of the way, as she demonstrates from the very first brushstroke to the final touch of her signature. Her aim is to help you grow in all your future artwork, beyond just this one painting lesson.

The video was filmed and edited by professionals in a world class studio and the quality is first rate. Lots of the footage gets you very close so you can see exactly what is happening with her color mixing and brushstrokes on the canvas, as if you were sitting on her shoulder as she paints.

Get it now!

The video has over 4 hours of content including:
• Oil Painting materials
• Creating an intention for your painting- your WHY
• Designing your painting - Creating a Value Sketch
• Painting with Transparent vs. Opaque paints
• Keeping colors fresh and glowing with a transparent underpainting
• Creating form, Light, and Shadow through value & temperature
• Color mixing
• Simplifying and suggesting a looser painting. Letting go of rendering and reporting it all.
• Finishing details. How to know when you're done.
• BONUS: How to mix natural greens
• Plus, lots of other practical tips that will make your painting process easier.

Here’s what Pat’s students have to say…

Pat, you have a magic that speaks to me.  Thank you. ~BK

You are such a blessing and inspiration Pat, thank you!!!

Pat, once again, you shared your heart out during our painting class.  You are one of the most generous human beings I ever met!  ~MD

You really are a phenomenal art teacher. You are so generous when you share as an instructor, by explaining how you think through virtually everything. This is a huge benefit to students since you strip out all the time needed to learn these things over many years through trial and error. ~SG



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